zenfulli relax & restore

reishi mushroom + calming magnesium

● create a natural sense of calm

● combat anxiety

● promote relaxation & restful sleep

● sedative free

● 45 zenful servings: warm apple cider

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plant based

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clinically proven ingredients

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no sugar or artificial sweeteners

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gluten & major allergen free

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removable labels; reusable packaging

the problem

roughly 75% of american adults report experiencing stress that affects their physical & mental health on a daily basis.  

paired with the fact that over half the US population is magnesium deficient, which affects mood and restful sleep.

how zenfulli helps

inside you'll find the most readily absorbed form of magnesium to restore healthy magnesium levels alongside organic reishi mushroom to promote natural feelings of calm, improve mood, and encourage restful sleep. 

easy to use

drink with warm water as a calming bedtime beverage, or sip anytime you need to relax.

for best results, use daily in order to restore your bodies magnesium stores.

 all natural and sedative free, so you won't feel any grogginess

clean and delicious

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reishi mushroom
 this super fungi originates in hot, humid regions in asia. we use the highest quality, organic mushrooms to ensure potency, safety,  and efficacy. 
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magnesium bisglycinate
we use the most readily absorbed form of magnesium to ensure your body can use what's in the product.
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citric acid
citric acid is derived from lemons and through a natural reaction, helps your body fully absorb and utilize magnesium.
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monk fruit
a natural zero calorie sweetener that doesn't affect blood sugar or have the negative impact on gut bacteria common with artificial sweeteners and sugar.

fun fact!

we intentionally made the labels on your gold-lidded gutfulli & zenfulli jars easy to remove. reuse them and reduce waste! use them to store ground coffee, cotton balls, overnight oats, small office supplies, whatever!

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better together

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gut brain connection

improve gut health, lower stress response, & create harmony within the gut brain connection.


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