about us

fulli®'s mission is simple: to bring together evidence based nutritional science and the highest quality natural ingredients in order to help you work with your body, not against it. We want you to feel good in your mind and body and to go after whatever lights you up so you can truly #livefulli. 

Our founders came to their nutritional beliefs from two very different wellness journeys:


Stephanie Jameson comes from a background of food shame, depression, restricted eating, and ongoing frustration at the confusing messaging that she saw throughout the wellness industry. She saw many other people in the same position and decided the only way to break free from all of this, and to help others do the same, was to learn as much as she could about the science of healthy living. As a self-labeled nerd, she found a focus on using nature & nutrition to increase beneficial biochemical reactions and make living healthfully stress-free. As a nutritionist she has helped hundreds of clients stop fighting nature, get rid of guilt, and work with their body to achieve their goals! She developed gutfulli and zenfulli in her kitchen, and after seeing the benefits they provided for people's physical & mental health, she knew she had to share with a wider audience.

Bradley Rancourt was overweight most of his life, eventually losing 100 lbs and becoming a triathlete and personal trainer. He realized that while nutrition and workouts are what most people focus on to find on their health journeys, he wasn't willing to sacrifice in other areas of wellness to simply be a weight loss success story. He found ways to maintain his new healthy lifestyle without sacrificing his social life or mental health, including correcting his gut microbiome through prebiotic & probiotic supplementation. He loved the products that Stephanie developed, found they helped his body remain at a healthy weight, and assisted her in making them an even more enjoyable part of a healthy life by encouraging fun, healthy flavors.

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Together they created the fulli® line, which is designed to be an easy, enjoyable way to increase your health and help your body work for you, not against you. 

We hope it helps you #livefulli!

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